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The B2B platform provides us the opportunity to order malts in an easy way. Birdys has a very extensive range of high-quality malts. By expanding the assortment with hops and packaging, it offers the brewer the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Furthermore, the B2B platform gives us the option to choose a delivery date. This ensures that we receive our ordered malts quickly and at the time we want.

I am very satisfied with the shop. The selection and user-friendliness are excellent. I can also order bottles here along with brewing malts. Thank you very much!

A little word of thanks for my first order at Birdys. Everything was cool. And I received my order very quick: 3 days! Faster than my previous malt supplier who was in France! And your B2B website is very practical, easy to use and responsive. Which is a good point - I run a small brewery and I like to brew good beers, but paperwork and computer work are not very exciting moments...
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